I’m a selfish and jealous type of friend. Yes, it’s beyond the limit of friendship but that’s how clingy I am once you have a chance to talk to me and I treat you like my total buddy or friend.


I wonder if someone out there secretly blogging about me.

I bet no one. *wink!

"Kiss her when she nags you and when she’s about to explode because of the unexplained feeling she’s dealing with. Hold the back of her head and kiss her with passion with love."
— Your nagger girlfriend.

I saw his smile. And my heart skip a beat.

It’s funny how I act like a kid to someone and he doesn’t get annoy. I dont know. Maybe he’s just too kind to say ‘stop acting like a kid. It irritates me.’ HAHAHAHA!

You’ll never know who will walk away or who will choose to stay.

It’s hard to expect from the person you really dont know if they really care.

Being sad has its own expiration?

Sadness come and go.
We doesn’t know until when
it will last when the day it comes.
Sadness is sometimes unbearable.

When I was a kid,
ice cream is the only solution
for me not to cry over a thing.
But as the time goes by,
ice cream wasn’t enough after all.

Sadness makes you deep.
And sometimes it builds
your own monster on your wall.
It makes sense if they’ll help you
to overcome or to die.