Nakakaloka schedule ko ngayong semester!!! Haaay

We are who we choose to be.

Its our choice that make us what we are today. We are the summation of the experiences, the pain and the joys in our life. We are constantly growing with these decision and everyday we make choices that mold us to be human or rather a person. People around us is just a distractions for our growth, making things that might affect the choices (good or bad) that we made. 

Sa gusto ng follow back. TA mo lang ako :)

Everything will be all right in the end. And it seems Im okay now and my outlook in life getting straight again. Though I’ll not be active here again. Xoxo.

babynats asked:
"Kaya pa ba? Kaya mo yan. Sabihin mo lang pag di na a."

Hellooo. Okay na ko :) salamat sa pagkausap sakin dati. Haha. Ingat :)

nyepoycastle asked:

Hellooooooo :)

It seems things getting though.

And we must accept that not all we want is in our favor.